Germ Shark Hand Sanitizer News & Notes

  • Ethanol vs. Isopropyl vs. Methanol: A Deep Dive into Hand Sanitizer Safety

    So you’re washing your hands consistently. You’re working hard to avoid touching your face. In addition, you are using hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes with at least 60% alcohol to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus. These are solid best practices as the pandemic marches on here in the U.S.

    But are your hand sanitizer or hand wipes safe?

  • 5 Hand Sanitizing Tips for a Healthier Life

    About 90% of the total germs on your body are found on your hands. When you analyze your routine, you will see that you use your hands often. That’...
  • Think the Pandemic Is Over? Think Again (And Don’t Throw Away Your Hand Sanitizer)

    Widespread riots, groundbreaking activism, a public health crisis—this spring has been eventful to say the least. And though summer is upon us, we ...
  • Germ Shark Expected To Donate Hundred of Thousands of Bottles to Those in Need

    Hand sanitizer and wipes brand, Germ Shark, seizes on the opportunity created by the pandemic to take a major slice of the $2 billion dollar a year market for hand sanitizer. It donates a bottle of hand sanitizer to those in need for every product sold.
  • Are You Using Hand Sanitizer Correctly? Here's How To Be 100% Sure!

    Using a good hand sanitizer can mean the difference between exposure to or protection from COVID-19. It is one of the best ways to steer clear of the virus that has caused the global pandemic. So, it is critical to use a quality product, the right technique, and know what not to do.
  • 6 Things You Regularly Touch That Are Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

    Your toilet is actually cleaner than some commonly-touched things out there.  Given the rapid and widespread infection of the novel coronavirus, you will want to make sure you can avoid touching these things. 

  • Tips for Buying Hand Sanitizer When There Are So Many Choices

    The recent pandemic has led to a flood of hand sanitizer products online. Learn how to protect your family from dangerous products and what to look for when buying hand sanitizers.