5 Hand Sanitizing Tips for a Healthier Life

About 90% of the total germs on your body are found on your hands. When you analyze your routine, you will see that you use your hands often. That’s why they get dirtier. If you ignore the hygiene of your hands, you can imagine exposing yourself and your loved ones to those germs. 

Sometimes those germs are not strong enough and they will be cleaned up by our immune system. But sometimes germs turn the table and we can get sick to a fatal level.

What to do in that situation? How can we avoid getting exposed to germs?

If we are already exposed to them then how can we stop its transmission?
In this article, we will guide you with all the necessary information that might help you in taking preventive measures.

How do germs transmit?

As most of the germs on our hands can cause minor sickness, it can lead to fatal health conditions. Washing your hands often can help against germs in ceasing their transmission. 

Still, there are some precautions for you to follow that will definitely help you against germs. But first, get to know how germs transmit from place to place without you knowing:

  • When you unknowingly touch a surface full of germs or some objects then you become a germ carrier. When you place these very same hands-on other surfaces you will be transmitting germ to that.
  • If you used those very same hands for eating purposes then you would know where these germs are heading.
  • Now if you cough a sneeze or blow your nose, the people around might be infected.
  • Avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth without properly sanitized hands as it might make you get infected.

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Peak Time to Sanitize your hands

You might have a strong immune system but there is a chance someone else around you might not. You need to properly clean your hands to protect yourself and your loved ones. Developing the habit of hand sanitizing is a very worthy effort and we here are some guidelines for you that will help you in developing that habit

  • Always sanitize your hands before and after you eat your food
  • Don’t forget to wash or sanitize your hands when you are around someone who is sick for a while.
  • You have to sanitize your hands and sanitized them before and after treating an open wound.
  • You should also consider washing or sanitizing your hands after blowing your nose or sneezing or coughing.
  • Also always wash your hands after using the toilet

Always follow the W.S.S.R.D. steps

W.S.S.R.D. stands for Wet – Sanitize – Scrub – Rinse – Dry. These are the most fundamental steps to keep your hands germ-free. Follow these 5 rules and dramatically stop germ transmission. Most importantly guide others in your community for making a healthy environment. 

  • Wet your hands with fresh water and apply hand sanitizer.
  • Lather your hands if you are using soap by joining and rubbing both hands together. Also, lather the back of hands by rubbing and don’t ignore between the fingers. If using sanitizer do moisturize every part just like washing hands with water and soap.
  • Now scrub your hands for 30-40 seconds with continuous rubbing.
  • Rinse your hands properly for almost 20-30 seconds under fresh water.
  • Now Dry hands using a clean and a germ-free towel or just air dry them.


Hand sanitizer vs soap

Mankind has been using soap since 2800 BC. With time, its formula and ingredients have been enriched with effective contents that can kill germs instantly. Using soap is a good option when you don’t find a hand sanitizer around. In the market, there are also many alcohol-based hand sanitizers that can be even more effective than soap.

A good sanitizer has at least 60% alcoholic content. A good sanitizer is able to quickly eliminate germs on the hands. The hand sanitizer from Germ Shark contains either 75% or 80% (PX4) alcohol and kills 99.99% of all most germs.

  • Sanitizers can kill 99.99% of all the germs on hands
  • Sanitizers might not be effective when your hands are exposed to oily or greasy materials
  • Hand sanitizers are specially made to kill germs but can be ineffective against chemicals like pesticides and metallic components on the hands.

“Remember: If someone swallows 2 to 3 times mouthfuls of alcoholic hand sanitizer then it might cause alcoholic poisoning.”

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There are many benefits you will get by using sanitizer over soap:

  • Requires less time than hand washing
  • Acts rigorously to kill pathogens sitting on hands
  • Sanitizers are more smooth for the skin than soap


Hand sanitizers are more effective in killing pathogens than soap and require almost no water. You can use them when and where you want and you can take it with you easily while traveling.


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