6 Things You Regularly Touch That Are Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

Dirtier than a toilet seat - use Germ Shark

While you may think a toilet is incredibly dirty, there are things you likely come into contact in public that are dirtier than a toilet. That's right; your toilet is actually cleaner than some commonly-touched things out there. You will find these in your home, at the office, in a restaurant, at a doctor's office, and other public places.

Given the rapid and widespread infection of the novel coronavirus, you will want to make sure you can avoid touching these things. If you do have to come into contact with them, you should make sure you sanitize your hands often using hand sanitizer


Ice is 70% dirtier than toilet water. This is especially true for ice found in fast-food restaurants, which has been found to hold 70% more germs than toilet waste. This is because ice machines are rarely cleaned.


Gas Pumps

Another item you probably touch regularly is the gas pump. This is something that can be up to 11,000 times dirtier than your toilet. Potentially hundreds of people handle the same gas pump every day.


If you use an ATM to get money out, you are coming into contact with potentially 1,200 bacteria per square inch. That means every button you press will bring you in contact with that many germs. 


Keyboards hold 20,000 more bacteria than toilet seats. Keyboards almost never get cleaned. You know how often you touch your keyboard, so imagine just how many germs get transferred onto it as you type.


Faucet Handles

A faucet, especially its handles, contains 21 times more bacteria than a toilet seat does. When it comes to the faucets in your kitchen, you will be exposing yourself to 44 times more bacteria than toilet seats do. 



Cell phones contain ten times as many germs as a toilet seat. There are over 1,600 bacteria on every square inch of a desk phone. Did you know 16% of cell phones even have fecal matter on them.

How to Protect Yourself

Although you can avoid some of these some of the time, you will find it next to impossible to avoid them completely. This means you need to protect yourself by using antibacterial hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes.

However, before you go and grab some Clorex wipes, you should consider using Germ Shark antibacterial wipes and/or hand sanitizer. Germ Shark kills 99.99% of most germs, thanks to its unique blend using either 75% or 80% alcohol.

You won't always be near water and soap to wash your hands, which is why this hand sanitizer is ideal for carrying around with you at all times.

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